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Undoubtedly, one of the significant reasons the original homeowner has chosen hardwood flooring for your home is due to its durability. With proper care and upkeep, hardwood floors can be revitalized many times through refinishing. Depending upon your floor depth and age, it may be time to refinish your floors. Whether moving into a new residence or time to get a home to revamp, floor care is essential. Below are a few signs that it is time for refinishing.

The reason for a refinish is the harm caused by dents and scratches. These types of damages are unavoidable, especially in a home with high traffic with kids and pets. Refinishing floors is a great effort in ensuring longevity to your floor.

This is especially notable with older flooring due to weathered down flooring. Often, when a floor has become damaged due to water, it will turn a shade of gray and absorb any moisture. After a floorboard turns a black color around the outer perimeter, it's time for a new floor to be laid down.



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In building a new home or office space, we invest money and time, and effort just to make sure the flooring is sturdy, safe, and pleasant. Plan out well the Flooring Installation Denver CO; explore the various options on styles, materials, and design. It is wise to know the positives and negatives before deciding which ones to choose. Take a look at the list of options and understand its strengths and weaknesses before you install floor Denver CO.
Hardwood Flooring: made from a single piece of wood gives a glamorous natural vibe; this adds value to the property, is eco-friendly; not waterproof, not ideal for bathrooms, not scratch-resistant, expensive to install
Engineered Wood Flooring: This is high-quality plywood topped with thin solid hardwood; it is typically used in bedrooms and living rooms, affordable and easy to maintain; though it has a shorter life span than hardwood flooring, it does not expand on temperature change. It is not resistant to scratches and quickly discolors.
Vinyl Flooring: made of synthetic material layers compressed together. Popular because of its affordability. It is waterproof, scratch, and stain-resistant; it can come in various designs, styles, and colors—tedious pre-installation. This type is perfect for bedrooms and areas where there is less human traffic.
Laminate Flooring: Mistaken to be vinyl a lot of times, but Laminate is made of wood. Just like Vinyl, Laminate also has many designs and styles to choose from. It is easy to clean and install. However, Laminate types are prone to soiling and discoloration; it also swells upon contact with moisture.
Linoleum Flooring: Made up of natural renewable materials, it is void of harmful chemicals. It is not water-resistant, thus not ideal for the bathroom. It is durable; however, it is scratch and discoloration prone.
Marble Flooring: Marbles are from natural stones made into slabs and tiles. It costs higher because of its beauty and elegance. It is a glamorous choice for interiors sending a sophisticated vibe in one’s place. It is durable though it has a high installation and maintenance cost; it quickly discolors. Usually, it is the choice of flooring for kitchens and bathrooms.
Ceramic tiles Flooring: This is the classic type. Easy to clean and non-permeable; available in a wide assortment of textures, designs, and patterns. Durable, stain-resistant, and waterproof; high cost.
Porcelain tiles Flooring: Durable, stain, and water-resistant; an ideal option for high traffic spaces, e.g., living room. Has a large variety of patterns, colors, and designs. Low installation cost and is said to be challenging to install.
Cement screed Flooring: This is a mixture of cement, sharp sand, and water; it gives a modern and chic warehouse look. It is not ideal for bathrooms; it tends to be slippery. It is easy to maintain and durable but is not scratch resistant.
Bamboo Flooring: A premium alternative to hardwood flooring, an eco-friendly option, used in most sections of the homes except in the bathroom as it is not water-resistant. Easy to clean and maintain; however, it is not scratch resistant.

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Due to changing market conditions, the Flooring Installation Denver CO has expanded its selection of flooring materials and solutions to better clients’ services. Flooring Installer in Denver, CO, focuses not only on supplies but also on flooring installation solutions. Allow Flooring Installation Denver CO to share with you the years of builder expertise. Experience the glamour and warm styles from our interior designers. Choose from the cutting-edge products proportional to the cost and find the building solutions suited for you and your budget.

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